We have a close working relationship with the following European and international industry bodies, manufacturers and specialists, GFE is able to directly access a vast range of technical expertise and knowledge which, in turn, benefits our customers.

Certification bodies


CERTIF is a market-leading certification body based in Portugal. The company offers a wide range of product certification across several sectors, including construction, energy, electrical, food, sport and leisure.

CERTIF is fully ISO/IEC 17021-1 and EN ISO/IEC 17065 accredited, is part of several European and International Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) and represents Portugal in a number of international certification associations.


Based in Portugal, ISQ is a global specialist in engineering, technical and regulatory inspections, training and R&D. The company helps clients to align their business objectives with the relevant regulations and standards, while at the same time achieve their quality, safety, asset management, environmental and social responsibility goals.

ISQ carries out the necessary tests and supports manufacturers in preparing product technical files. The company’s work is supported by a network of group companies, as well as a number of accredited laboratories and multidisciplinary teams.

Organisations we work with


GFE is a member of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) which is one of the most prestigious fire protection trade associations in Europe, representing over 1,000 companies in the UK alone.

The FIA is involved in developing and maintaining the highest standards of fire safety throughout all related industry sectors. This is achieved through collaboration with its members and other industry bodies on a variety of committees to develop standards and deliver industry-leading training. An important role of the FIA is liaising at the highest level with fire safety experts, fire authorities and governments to shape legislation.

Being an FIA member demonstrates that you are operating at the highest level of industry standards.

FIA Certificate


GFE is a member of the FIRE & SECURITY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (FSAI) which is most prestigious non-profit organization working with Fire Protection Industry in India.

FSAI was established in 2002 representing the Fire Protection, Life Safety, Security, Building Automation, Loss Prevention and Risk Management domains in India. FSAI is associated withs over 8500 members and 940 corporates . FSAI has established 24 chapters Pan India including student chapter to spread awareness on Fire protection.

FSAI has goal to increase social awareness on Fire Safety and Security Systems by education, partner with the Central and State Government bodies in formulation and implementation of safety and security policies, encourage members to uphold world class quality standards and expand the quality and quantity of the talent pool needed for the industry.

FSAI Certificate

Companies we work with


Through our partnership with Detectortesters, Global Fire Equipment (GFE) can now offer customers world-leading industry-approved solutions for detector testing . Detectortesters is proud to be the market leader in designing solutions that make for fast, simple and effective testing of fire detectors.


European Safety Systems (E2S) Ltd is one of the world’s leading independent warning signals and alarm sounder manufacturers, with more than 150 product types and an annual production volume of over 150,000 units. E2S specialises in the design, development and manufacture of signalling devices, such as high-performance electronic alarm sounders, PA loudspeakers, fire alarm systems, intelligent voice annunciators and beacons for industrial, marine and hazardous areas.

From its manufacturing facility in the UK, E2S designs and manufactures a wide range of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof units. In addition to ISO9001: 2008 approval, most of the company’s product portfolio has achieved worldwide product accreditations.


LDA offers the most comprehensive and integrated range of audio-visual/IT systems available on the market today. Installation times and costs are significantly lower than proprietary, not so opened systems. The company’s solutions are tried and tested and highly reliable, with hundreds of clients and more than 1,000 projects using LDA solutions over the past 40 years.


Securiton’s aspirating smoke detectors are among the most accurate and reliable early warning systems against fire. Securiton offers a full range of models, making rapid fire detection in any monitoring area both scalable and economical.

Main advantages of aspirating smoke detectors:

  • Highly sensitive reaction to fire – activates in milliseconds
  • Extremely fast transmission and alarm response
  • Very simple to use
  • Three different models for scalable and economical operation
  • Monitoring of individual installations or areas up to 5,600m2
  • Robustness and long service life


Established in 1988 by LGM Products, Signaline is a comprehensive range of linear detection systems providing solutions for fire and water leak detection. LGM Products is proud to be a market leader in customer service. The company’s third party approved quality assurance systems gives its customers confidence that LGM Products is a reliable and active supplier.


Like GFE, SENSE-WARE is one of only a handful of European manufacturers in the fire safety sector that remains independent. The inclusion of flame detectors in SENSE-WARE range continues the company’s reputation for delivering technologically-advanced products at competitive prices, as it has done for more than 25 years.

The Fire Beam

The Fire Beam is now the beam of choice for many of the leading names in the UK fire industry and is proving to be a reliable alternative to more expensive beams in protecting large areas, such as air sampling and point detection.

Continued company growth now finds The Fire Beam selling in over 35 countries around the world, protecting lives and property in thousands of locations around the globe.