Partnership Program

At Global Fire Equipment (GFE), we truly value our relationships with our business partners, and we wanted to make sure that our partnership programme would be more than just a badge or logo.

Our network of partners has enabled us to become a truly global player, supplying customers across more than 90 countries with state-of-the-art products and systems.

We want our partners to succeed and so the GFE Partnership Programme has four key areas of support:

Product Access

As a GFE partner, you will have enhanced access to our full product portfolio and to product stock. You may also take advantage of significant product discounts and partner-only project pricing.

Training Academy

You can take advantage of a suite of product and system training resources, empowering you to train your own employees, as well as your key customers around the world.

Marketing Support

You will have access to lots of marketing materials to help you sell and distribute more products, expand your network and enhance your own PR and marketing efforts.

Project Development

You can gain the benefits of working with our R&D division and centre of technical excellence of the GSS Group. You will be first to access the cutting-edge fire detection and emergency lighting solutions developed by us. You will also have access to a team of technical experts who can help resolve any problems or unique challenges you or your customers may have.