Which addressable panels are currently fully supported by Global Fire Equipment?

  • G-One: 1 loop
  • GEKKO: 0 to 4 loops
  • OCTO+: 0 to 4 loops
  • OCTO+ LB: 0 to 12 loops
  • Node+: 0 to 12 loops
  • Chameleon Rep: N.A.

What is the time limit for support and spare parts on obsolete panels?

For obsolete panels, Global Fire Equipment will provide limited support and spare parts for up to 5 years after obsolesce.  For more information, please read TECHNICAL BULLETIN / Product Discontinuation, or contact our sales team via [email protected]

For Chameleon networks, what is the recommended cable cross section for loops of different length?

We always recommend using shielded cable appropriate for fire detection installations. Please note that cable types are also regulated by local authorities/standards.

  • 0.6 mm2 for loop lengths up to 400 metres*
  • 0.8 mm2 for loop lengths up to 600 metres*
  • 1.0 mm2 for loop lengths up to 800 metres*
  • 1.5 mm2 for loop lengths up to 1,200 metres*
  • 2.5 mm2 for loop lengths up to 2,000 metres*

*The loop lengths mentioned, include a return to the main panel.

What is the maximum length of a detection loop for a GFE analogue panel?

The maximum recommended length is approximately 2,000 metres, but this value depends largely on the cable cross section and the load of the devices on that loop. We have developed the CHAMELEON LOOP AND BATTERY CALCULATOR software, so you can verify if your system has an appropriate loop length.


What is the maximum wiring length for a conventional zone for ORION, ORION EX, ORION PLUS, and ORION PLUS-EX panels?

The maximum length is 500 metres.

How many zones can be connected to an ORION PLUS panel?

The maximum zone capacity for ORION PLUS panels is 32 zones.


What is the network capacity of the Chameleon protocol?

The maximum capacity that can be integrated on a Chameleon Network is 32 panels with up to 128 loops. Chameleon is a multi-master, multi-path peer-to-peer communication network with shared cause and effect programming and up to 10,000 log entries per system.

Which interfaces are supported for networking and what is the maximum loop length for each interface?

Our network topology allows open loop, closed loop and mesh networking, using the following interfaces:

  • INT-RS422-P2P-D/ INT-RS422-P2P-S: 1,200M
  • INT-FO-P2P-D/ INT-FO-P2P-S: 2,400M
  • INT-TCP-IP-P2P*: Follow guidelines of cable and internet device (Ethernet Switch) manufacturer
  • INT-RS422-P2P / MIX FO: 1,200M and 2,400M

*INT-TCP-IP-P2P is currently under development the alternative is J-NET-INT-TCP/IP

Chameleon protocol panels also support media convertors for longer distance lengths of up to 10km. For more information email us at [email protected]

Which third party protocols are supported by the Chameleon Network range of panels?

ESPA 4.4.4 and Modbus RTU protocols are supported by the Chameleon network range of panels.


What's the maximum internal battery capacity (A/h) of GFE panels?

The maximum battery capacity is different for each panel and is as follows:

  • G-One, GEKKO, OCTO+ and Node+: 12 A/h
  • ORION and Orion Plus panels: 7 A/h
  • ORION-MINI panel: 12 A/h
  • GFE-BCM-3 psu: 7 A/h
  • GFE-BCM-5/10 psu: 12 A/h
  • BCM-10 charger module: 40 A/h (LiFePo4)

The CHAMELEON LOOP AND BATTERY CALCULATOR software, enables the calculation of the required batteries for GFE addressable systems.


What is the available address range for analogue sounders?

Sounders with individual programming must be addressed between 94 and 125.

What is shadow mode for addressable sounders?

Sounders in shadow mode are physically present on the loop, but do not occupy an address.

What is the auxiliary mode for addressable sounders/beacons?

The auxiliary mode is when Vulcan 2 sounders are combined with detectors. The maximum number of sounders in the auxiliary mode is 63.


What hardware is required to implement ODYSSEY and Modbus?

Connection via RS-232 for short distances (maximum 100 metres).

This connection can only be used when connecting a single GEKKO, OCTO+, or G-One to a BMS.

  • INT-RS232-DB9
  • Cable interconnecting panels, DB9 connectors, RS232(DB9) to USB Convertor.
  • Odyssey and Modbus compatible

Connection via RS422/RS-485 for a long distance (maximum 1,200 metres).

  • INT-RS422-P2P-S
  • RS232-to-RS485/422 converter from BB Electronics to be fitted at the PC
  • Cable interconnecting panels and converter
  • Odyssey and Modbus compatible

Connection via fibre optics for longer distances (maximum 2.5K metres).

  • INT-FO-P2P-S
  • RS232-to-fibre optics converter from BB Electronics (FOSTC) to be fitted at the PC
  • Fibre optic cable interconnecting panel and converter. Terminations are ST type and fibre has to be of multimode type 125/62.5 um.
  • Odyssey and Modbus compatible

Connection via TCP/IP using LAN (Local Area Networks).

  • INT-TCPIP-P2P (currently in development)

For alternatives or further information, please contact our sales team via [email protected]

Which hardware/interface is required for OWL graphical software?

INT-TCPIP-ODY is required for OWL graphical software.


What is the purpose of the OWL software?

OWL is a PC-based remote supervision software solution that allows graphical control and monitoring of up to 64 fire detection systems from the GFE range of addressable panels. The software can be quickly set up by importing configuration files to graphics. Device mapping is as simple as a click, drag and drop.

How do you establish communication through CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software?

To establish communication (mode 1) check the following points:

  • Ensure the cable length does not exceed 1.5 metres
  • Login to the panel with an installation or higher-level password
  • Access function 8-4-1 should be set to ‘Installation Mode’
  • Begin the required process (download/upload) in the CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software

What is the purpose of a web monitoring software?

The users can view and control panels anywhere in the world, with internet connectivity, using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC or smart TV. A TCP/IP web interface is required to allow web monitoring with LAN and WIFI connectivity.

Which modes are available for the CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software?

There are two operating modes available:

  • Programming mode – which allows you to configure, program and download data to the panel.
  • Device data mode – which shows the addressable devices present on the detection loops.

There is also a:

  • Firmware update mode – which is used for updating panels.

Is it possible to convert existing J-NET and Junior V4 files to support Chameleon Network protocol panels?

Yes, you can convert J-NET and Junior V4 files with the help of the latest CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software, which is available on the GFE website.

How can I get the new Chameleon firmware?

Contact your supplier or alternatively send the panel serial number to [email protected]

Which support and graphical monitoring software is available?