Which cable cross section is recommended for detection loops?

You should always use shielded cable of the type appropriate for fire detection installations. Please note that cable types are also regulated by local authorities/standards.

As a rule of thumb, you should use:

  1. 0.8 mm2 for loop lengths up to 500 metres*
  2. 1.0 mm2 for loop lengths up to 800 metres*
  3. 1.5 mm2 for loop lengths up to 1,200 metres*
  4. 2.5 mm2 for loop lengths up to 1,500 metres*


*The loop lengths mentioned include return to the main panel.

What is the maximum length for a detection loop in a GFE analogue panel?

The maximum recommended length is approximately 1,200m, but this value depends largely on the cable cross section and the load of the devices in that loop. We developed the GFE LOOP AND BATTERY CALCULATOR software so you can verify if your system has an appropriate loop length.

What is the maximum length for a conventional zone in an ORION panel?

The maximum length is 500 metres.


What's the maximum internal battery capacity (A/h) which can be fitted into GFE panels?

The maximum battery capacity depends on the equipment as follows:

  • JUNO-NET main panel, repeater and external sub-panels: 12 A/h
  • JUNIOR V4 panel: 7 A/h
  • ORION panel: 7 A/h
  • ORION-MINI panel: 1,2 A/h
  • GFE-BCM-3 psu: 7 A/h
  • GFE-BCM-5/10 psu: 12 A/h
  • BCM-10 charger module: 40 A/h

The GFE LOOP & BATTERY CALCULATOR software enables calculation of the required batteries for GFE addressable systems.


What is the available address range for analogue sounders?

Sounders with individual programming must be addressed between 94 and 125.


Which hardware is required to implement ODYSSEY?

Connection via RS-232 to short distances (maximum 3 metres). This system can only be used when connecting just one JUNO NET or panel to ODYSSEY.

  2. J-NET-ADV-COMS-RS232-RS485 but with RS232 ICs fitted
  3.  Serial cable connecting panel-to-PCs serial port directly

Connection via RS-485 to long distance (maximum 1,200 metres).

  2. J-NET-ADV-COMS-RS232-RS485 but with RS485 ICs fitted
  3. RS232-to-RS485 converter from BB Electronics to be fitted at the PC
  4. Cable interconnecting panels and converter

Connection via fibre optics to longer distance (maximum 4000 metres).

  3. RS232-to-fibre optics converter from BB Electronics (FOSTC) to be fitted at the PC
  4. Fibre optic cable interconnecting panel and converter. Terminations are ST type and fibre has to be of multimode type 125/62.5 um.

Connection via TCP/IP using LAN (Local Area Networks).

  3. PC needs to be fitted with an Ethernet board


What is the purpose of the ODYSSEY software?

This application is a PC-based remote supervision solution which allows graphical control and monitoring of up to 64 fire detection systems comprising of GFE’s range of addressable panels.

How do you establish communication through GFE CONNECTOR software?

To establish communication (mode 1) check the following points:

Disconnect all panels, sub-panels and repeaters. This should be done when the panel is turned off.

  • The cable length should not exceed 1.5 metres.
  • The cable must be an extension cable.
  • Confirm if the selected PC serial port will be used to communicate.
  • Confirm that no other application is using that communication port. If it is, stop the application and restart the PC.
  • Confirm that the red TX LED on the JUNIOR panel motherboard or on the JUNO NET Con board is switched on.
  • Access function 8-4-2 in order to enable communication with the main panel.
  • Begin the required process (download/upload) in the GFE CONNECTOR software.

What are the features of GFE CONNECTOR software?

There are three operating modes available:

  1. Programming mode which allows you to configure, program and download it to the panel.
  2. Online mode which shows the addressable devices present in the detection loops.
  3. Firmware update mode.

How can I get the GFE software support tools?

Contact us directly to get the latest version

What are the available GFE support software tools?

The available software includes the GFE CONNECTOR, GFE LOOP AND BATTERY CALCULATOR and GFE VALKYRIE VOX LOADER . All this software is freeware