Training Academy

At GFE, we have always been committed to driving up standards across the global fire sector so, we have established the GFE Training Academy. Our partners and their customers can get access to our free training and resources to enhance skills and knowledge.

The GFE Training Academy brings together some of our well-respected training provision and a number of new training modules and resources under one roof. We will be continuing to develop more training modules over time, which you will have first access to as a valued GFE partner.

In this area of the website, you will be able to contact us to discuss your training needs and book training courses.

As an accredited CPD provider (through the Fire Industry Association in the UK), some of our training courses are CPD certified.

This two-module training course will ensure you understand the basics of fire detection and have a good overview of Global Fire Equipment’s full product range.

The course comprises two modules: the first is an introduction to fire alarm systems and the second is an introduction to GFE’s products and solutions.

This two-part training module will give you an in-depth understanding of the installation and commissioning processes for addressable and conventional fire alarm detection systems. You will also learn how to troubleshoot and resolve any faults which may arise during installation and commissioning.

The course comprises two modules: the first is addressable installation and fault finding and the second is conventional installation and fault finding.

This X-hour training module will ensure you are up to speed on best practice in maintaining fire detectors and panels. You will learn how to maintain, test and clean addressable and conventional detectors and find out GFE’s recommended maintenance schedule for detectors. You will also learn how to monitor and test fire addressable panels, including replacing the electrical mains fuse, checking the battery voltage and charger and conducting a firmware update.

This X-hour training course will give you a detailed understanding of GFE’s Chameleon Network, including its key features and functionalities. You will also gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to install and commission the Chameleon Network, as well as undertake diagnostic troubleshooting.

This three-module training course has been developed to give you a detailed understanding of GFE’s range of fire detection software products, namely

  • Odyssey XL+ Graphics Display and Alarm Management System
  • Chameleon Loop & Battery Calculator
  • Chameleon Connector
  • Web Monitoring
  • Vox Loader Software
  • OWL Fire Alarm Management and Monitoring Software

You will learn about the key features, functionality and software configurations of each of these products. Once you have completed the three modules, you will have the necessary skills to install, configure and test all of these software products.

This module will bring you up to speed on the key issues facing those responsible for specifying and designing fire detection systems; the importance of EN-54 accreditation when specifying fire detection and alarm systems, and the need for fire system survivability. In the first module you will learn about the difference between a Notified Body and an ‘Approval’; why accreditation is key and the benefits of specifying EN-54 standards. In the second module you will find out why it has never been as important as it is today to ensure that all fire detection and life safety systems are designed with survivability in mind.

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