Fire detection solutions from GFE chosen to protect prestigious new commercial shopping complex in Tehran

Fire detection solutions from GFE have been chosen to protect AVA General, a prestigious new commercial shopping complex in Tehran, Iran’s capital city.

Opened in 2020, AVA General is one of the largest and most sophisticated dedicated commercial and office complexes in Tehran. Spanning 50,000 square meters, it is home to 360 commercial outlets for well-known brands from across the building supplies sector and complementary industries.  It also houses 40 commercial office units, 400 storage warehouses, restaurants, cafes, banks, post offices, cinemas, transport offices, a conference hall, a health club and a taxi service.

The chosen 30-zone fire safety management plan comprises nine 4-loop GFE fire control panels, 2,700 detectors and more than 500 sounders and Manual Call Points (MCPs). The system incorporates GFE’s ODYSSEY Graphics Display and Alarm Management System which enables up to 64 fire alarm panels to be connected and controlled by a PC. Each panel can then be displayed on the computer screen as though the operator was standing in front of the actual panel.

Reza Akhavan, CEO of Pars Ajirak, GFE’s appointed distributor for Iran, comments: “The sheer scale of the AVA General complex meant that the fire safety system needed to be sophisticated and intelligent. We worked closely with the client and the experts at GFE throughout the design, installation and commissioning stages to ensure the final solution would meet the bespoke requirements for each of the different areas in the complex.”